Glider Rides

The scenic flights offered at the Invermere Soaring Centre are conducted in a Duo Discus. This sailplane is a state of the art glider, built in Germany, and has a wingspan of 20m. It boasts an amazing glide ratio of about 45:1 and can seat two people comfortably (pilot and one passenger).

The manufacturer has limited the maximum passenger weight to 240lbs (110kg). While the glider itself is quite roomy, we suggest passengers be no taller than 6’4″ (190cm) for comfort. Taller people may be comfortable if most of their height is in their legs, rather than their body.

Standard Mountain Flight ($280 + $90 for each additional half hour (schedule permitting)

Soar above the mountains for 45 – 60 minutes in style! This is our most popular flight. Mountain flights are true soaring flights done in the afternoon when the daytime heating creates the necessary thermals which we use to gain altitude. Mountain flights are carried out in the Duo Discus and cost $280 plus taxes. If scheduling allows you can add 30 minutes (or more) for $90 for each additional 30 minutes.

Custom Flights ($280 for the first hour + $90 for each additional half hour)

You can also design your own flight by hiring an Invermere Soaring Centre Instructor for extended times in the glider of your choice. You will have the opportunity to try the controls. These flights can be logged as Dual Flight Instruction in case you like it so much that you subsequently decide to become a glider pilot. When the soaring conditions are truly spectacular, altitudes of up to and over 12,000′ can be reached. This allows us to travel deeper into the mountains where higher peaks, glaciers and high alpine lakes are situated. The Custom Flight Package is designed for guests wanting to truly experience mountain soaring.

Gift Certificates
We offer gift certificates for any of the above flights. These certificates are good for one full year and can easily be purchased over the phone or via email and send to you today!
Give us a call at 250-342-1688  or use our web contact form to contact us.

Prices in Canadian Dollars.

Nausea or motion sickness with circling and the sensations of flight can be a problem for some people. If you are unsure of your reactions to the sensations of flight, book a short flight rather than a long flight. Take travel sickness tablets or use other anti nausea devices. Do not eat, drink fizzy drinks or consume alcohol prior to your flight.

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    The Invermere Soaring Centre is located in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. We consider it one of the best mountain soaring sites in the world with a wonderful mix of thermals, dynamic soaring and wave. The best soaring season is May to September with cloud bases from typically 9000 ft. to 15000 ft. (May), June, July, August, (September) are the months to choose if you are heading for the records. There have been World Records and 1000 km + flights already flown from here.

    What makes Invermere a secret bet amongst ambitious XC pilots as well as for pilots visiting to receive mountain XC instruction or just finally fly their 300 or 500 km badge flights is that the Columbia Valley is one of Canada's best Vacation resorts.

    Invermere is an excellent place for the whole family to spend an exciting Vacation.